5 Front Door Colours

Like a good lipstick, your front door colour can freshen up and lift the whole facade of your home, setting a streetscape scene that will leave a lasting impression. Here’s our front door favourite five. 


Using contrast to pack a punch while keeping the palette in neutral territory, black is a safe but sophisticated option for your home’s entrance. Working with just about any exterior wall colour it’s at its most dramatic juxtaposed against paler hues and whites.  

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

TRY: Dulux Domino - it throws a subtle hint of blue in certain lights giving a lovely depth, perfect for a coastal application with a Hamptons-inspired subplot. Or Resene Double Cod Grey for pure midnight drama - a hit against timber detailing.

Dble Cod Grey small.png
Dulux Domino.png


The epitome of classic style, always, is indigo. Stunning in a coastal context but equally at home in an urban setting, nothing beats this inky hue against a simple white wall. At our Hunter Street Project, the blue works beautifully with a potted plant and front garden greenery and complements the Dulux Weathershield Lyttelton Half shade of white and Spotted Gum timber decking. 

Dulux Poor Knights pops a beautiful blue at the Hunter Street Project

Dulux Poor Knights pops a beautiful blue at the Hunter Street Project

TRY: Dulux Poor Knights – Super high gloss enamel, as used at the Hunter Street Project above, or Porters Paints Pirate Sky to bring more brightness to the blue. 

Dulux Poort Knights Sml.jpg
Porters Pirate Sky SML.png


From classic to coastal, modern to bohemian, teal lends itself to many a front door application and injects a beautiful hit of colour against a neutral backdrop. Or, pair it with complementary red tones - found in timber work or brick, separated by a crisp white door frame. 

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

TRY: Taubmans Mighty Max for some inky depth, or Dulux Teal Trip for an instant injection of refreshing colour. 

Taubmans Mighty Max Sml.jpg
DULUX Teal Trip.jpg


Striking against a grey or black exterior, a little ray of sunshine against white - lemon says ‘Welcome!’ like no other colour. 

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

TRY: Porters Paints Sugarland for standout sunniness or dial it down a touch with the sorbet sweetness of British Paints Sunlit Heaven. 

Porters Paints Sugarland Sml.png
British Paints Sunlit Heaven.jpg


Pretty in some contexts, warming in others, blush radiates a comforting vibe which hints at the home cooked meals and cups of tea awaiting inside. 

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

TRY: Dulux Ellen Quarter for a peachy play that borders on neutral, or Dulux Floss for warmer undertones. 

Dulux Ellen Quarter Sml.jpg
Dulux Floss Sml.png

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Sally V Paterson