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Independent guidance, inspired design, intelligent execution



Heliconia specialises in the design and facilitation of new builds and renovations

on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore.

With an end-to-end approach, we don’t just create beautiful spaces, we help you navigate every single step of your home’s creation. As the auction hammer falls, your ideas are forming and your Pinterest board is overflowing, we’re the first on the scene - translating the vision into action, from concept creation all the way through to project completion. 

We’re about visonary design. Pain-free processes. Informed and efficient decisions. Dependable project management. And absolute confidence.

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We’ll manage the DETAILS, you plan the house-warming.

Collaborating with building designers, drafting consultants, builders, landscapers and other professionals we independently facilitate an end-to-end experience that places the optimal solution for our client as supreme priority, and takes the complexity and chaos out of creating a home.



Spaces of style. Substance. Soul. 



We are the 'kick off your shoes and pour the wine' of homes and interiors. We're the effortless glamour, the brilliantly conceived, and the 'it just works'. 

We believe strongly that your physical surroundings have a powerful effect on your mood. Our concepts are conjured three-dimensionally, addressing Form, Function, and Feel - whether we're designing a brand new family home or styling a photographic shoot.

Industry experience, qualifications, networks... we have all these. But it's our eye, our intuition and our insight that mean the difference between curating something lovely and something  life-enriching.





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